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Nowadays everyone is a photographer. What distinguishes one artist from the next? The decision can be challenging. At Faymous, we consider ourselves to be more than just photographers – we are Storytellers.

For years, our client base was asking for major value perks after completing a photo shoot. Clients would circle back requesting branding consultations, industry introductions, PR services, videography, event planning and so on. Once we placed an Opera singer in a major fashion campaign in Europe, we realized we were truly providing a service that went beyond just photography. We were empowering our clients to be their own publicists.

In this day and age, everything is about storytelling. Content creation is simply visual story telling on a virtual platform. We showcase to each client how to create and distribute content with each package investment. Our goal is that you will elevate your digital presence after a single consultation.

Let us tell an authentic and unique story about you. What makes you special? What makes you, YOU. Here is an example of a branding consultation for Christiaan Smith, we broke down his image into three parts: lifestyle, production and personal. This is just the beginning of becoming Faymous.

CASE STUDY: Christiaan Smith, baritone

Christiaan is a classically trained baritone making the transition into film & television. Over the years, we have helped produce a series of videos, concerts and digital media for Christiaan to use as promotional material.










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