The accurate visual back story of these cover images of Jamie Barton involves me, a wet Scottie terrier, an old man and a wobbly golf cart.

I should backtrack.

This is a story about Magic – do you believe in Fairies?

I was asked to shoot an album cover for Jamie Barton on short notice this July in Cooperstown, New York. On my way to Cooperstown, I was made aware that our location at Glimmerglass Opera for the shoot fell through in the last minute. I was panicked, having cut my birthday celebrations short and heading to an unknown location where everyone was counting on me to produce something excellent – I had no backup plan.

We arrived to Cooperstown after a five hour haul and I was staying all by myself in this lonely little motel on a windy forest road. Alone and stressed out, I decided to go for a run to center myself.  It was raining and there was no running path along the windy road, but I something was telling me that I should go running on that road.

Two miles in, cars swooshing past me as I ran in the early evening light, I stumbled upon a clearing. Something or someone, was guiding me there. When I have this feeling, I have to just let go and allow myself to be led. Its a freaky feeling, but I’ve learned to trust it.

The further I ran into the clearing I became more confident I was approaching something special.

Suddenly, an older gentleman appeared on a golf cart with a tiny Scottie terrier on his lap.  He parked himself right next to me and I burst out,

“Excuse me… where am I right now?” He chuckled and asked if I knew about his Father. I assured him I didn’t and he responded,

“Darling this is one of the oldest golf courses in the United States. Would you like to see a tour of my estate?”

As it turns out, he is the last heir of the Hyde/Clarke family and his property is a historic landmark in the State of New York. He took me all over the property and led me to the most iconic vista of the “Glimmerglass” Lake that is protected by the state. He took me inside his estate and shared with me portraits of his legendary family, including an oil painting of his Great Grandfather who perished in the Titanic, and his Great Grandmother who founded the Girl Scouts.

I hugged him and asked if he would mind if I did a shoot in the early morning hours the next day.  He generously agreed and I rushed back to my motel to await a call from Jamie to tell her what I had discovered.

Right as I entered the room, the phone was ringing. I answered hearing a lilting birthday serenade echoing from the other end,

“Hi Jamie, I love you Girl. Thanks for singing Happy Birthday to me, you have the voice of an Angel.” I then shared with her the good news about my discovery. She paused and responded,

“Becca Fay I think there is Magic around you.”

When Opera News asked to use the images for their cover, I felt really proud. Sometimes, you just have to follow the Magic and believe in fate. Moments like these make trusting your intuition so worth it.

And there you have it. My very first major magazine cover.

Sometimes, I have to just let go and trust in the Magic.