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He may be one of the best paparazzi in the world but he's a total Mensch about it. Yesterday was Day 1 of Fall Fashion Week in NYC and the city streets become a living runway showcasing theย most stunning women on the planet. Naturally the place to be was at the side of my friend Michael Stewart aka @thestewartofny one of the best paparazzi in the world. He was focused on the second day of the Victoria Secret castings in midtown. There are less than 20 openings

My husband recently pointed me to this article explaining that orange is the least appealing color to women.ย  He did this with a wink intending to poke fun at me aboutย an argument we had over a year ago on our roof. Tom suggested to our designers that we paint our brand new, custom designed, gorgeous outdoor blue Mexican tile bar a shade of orange sherbet. When I found out he had already ordered the sofa cover in this shade I was so angry that I

Images from our Honeymoon - curation inspired by Michelangelo and Sorrento Blue. We of course had the time of our lives and learned a lot! ย I can speak Italian and didn't realize it because I haven't returned to Italy since becoming a professional Opera singer. I wouldn't even think and a response would just come from me naturally. Tom and I were like what is going on and then like

Based on this teaser I'd say a masterful video is eminent from this Florida based video team. I was fortunate to meet Chad and his team while shooting a wedding years ago and have collaborated with him a few times as a photographer for his company. He made the switch to video some years back and his team is becoming widely recognized as one of the best wedding cinematic groups in the country. Wedding videos aren't as common in New York as they are in more