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 Question: can you be naked and also be a feminist? That was on everyone's minds at the Playboy Club yesterday as we were discussing the new face of the brand. Artist Natalie White has turned her erotic art into a symbol of feminism having become a prominent face in the Equal Rights Movement. As Playboy is in the process of focusing more on female forward issues, I ask - was Hugh Hefner actually liberating women from the societal restrictions/expectations? What do you think?   4X @Playboy Playmate & artist @nataliejowhite

I've become a big fan of rising Soprano star, Jennie Moser, and her creative design work appearing regularly now for musicians in the Opera industry.  When I reached out to her this summer to connect, we discovered that we have a lot in common not limited to the fact that we both matriculated from Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music (Go Hoosiers)! But more importantly, that we are both Sopranos who realized that helping people might be a more gratifying professional focus for us on

Operas and weddings are more intimately connected than you may realize. With the dawn of the New Year I've been thinking back on my accomplishments in 2018, and realize the bulk of my focus was on producing my wedding. My producer friends were joking with me that I should have focused my energies on something more long lasting like a frustrated film project or art show, but I joked with them that the Opera singer buried deep within me emerged for this particular event. Add my