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I'm so grateful to have this little blog to share with you all some behind scenes images of a recent campaign I shot & produced in Montauk - the End of the World, this past weekend. I shot an advertising campaign here a couple years ago that ended up in Elle and Marie Claire and have been waiting for the right project to come along to use this location again as the backdrop for a shoot.  My husband and I booked a lux suite at

We're completely blown away with our team's work on the "Monsters" music video by Simone Lipkin - directed by Mike Canzoniero. For more examples of his directorial style check out our video we produced last year with singer/songwriter Christiaan Smith. Now one of our feature product offerings, music videos will soon become a staple in an artist's web showcase. Those of you interested in video content, be sure to reach out to us for a quote. We love working with talented artists. On to the next frontier

We had the pleasure of celebrating our friend, Dwayne Hill, and his success in his new Netflix show - Northern Rescue. The series follows John West (Billy Baldwin), who uproots his three children from the big city of Boston to return to the Northern community of Turtle Island Bay to take command of the local Search & Rescue service after the death of his wife. Northern Rescue centres on the resilience of family and community combined with action and adventure. Some pics here of this private

In a New York minute - everything can change. Precious and joyful images captured of Jordan Emanuel in real time as she was announced Playmate of the Year at the Cachet Hotel/Playboy Club in New York.  Publicists from Playboy HQ were in the room to let her know when the announcement went live on social media and rushed her out the door to publicly accept her award from Cooper Heffner. View this post on Instagram   We are super excited for our stunning and lovely friend. We got some amazing BTS footage