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For several years now, with the arrival of the summer solstice, I get an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. After some soul searching, I now attribute this uneasy feeling to the notion that for most of my adult life, the summertime was devoted to several weeks of studying & singing Opera abroad. As I explained this to my husband, I realized the notion of a "summer music festival" is a rather a bizarre ritual to which very few Americans can relate. The average American kid isn't gallivanting

We shot event photography for the owners of Baoli Cannes'  at  MAMO NYC. Hosted by Fabien Desgroux and Baoli Cannes owner Christophe Caucino, the popular Miami party "My Boyfriend is Out of Town" will take place at Baoli Cannes soon enough.  I can't wait to hit up my new friends in Cannes when we go to the South of France in September with my family! Check out our best of image showcase in our event portfolio - here. We love shooting high profile events!  

The ancient Greeks believed there were nine muses, the daughters of Zeus himself, each representing her own unique flavor of divine inspiration for topics ranging from from music, poetry, history, astronomy and drama - the all encompassing Arts - according to Greek society. I got stuck on this topic yesterday while dining at Café Mogador, trying to defend my Creative process to my husband after he heard me get irritated with another creative as we planned a big shoot together for the following week.   “It’s like she

BTS images of Spencer Tunick's #wethenipple protest with the National Coalition Against Censorship. I ran into Spencer at the Equal Rights party at the Edition Hotel produced by my best friend, Natalie White, the Jaggers, Jerry Hall and Amy Sacco. The celebrity laden event was a major scene because Paris Hilton was involved. While he and I were sandwiched between Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger, he disclosed his plan to stage a censorship protest against Facebook and Instagram. I asked him what is strategy was to circulate

We spent our Memorial Day weekend a hundred miles north of New York City by retreating to the Catskills with our pups :) Sometimes it's really nice to unplug and get back to focusing on yourself and the people/pups that care for and need you the most. The Catskills have long been a haven for artists, musicians, and writers. Being up here allows me to focus on my work and brings me a sense of calm, nostalgic for my hometown of Olympia, Washington. We are definitely

I'm so grateful to have this little blog to share with you all some behind scenes images of a recent campaign I shot & produced in Montauk - the End of the World, this past weekend. I shot an advertising campaign here a couple years ago that ended up in Elle and Marie Claire and have been waiting for the right project to come along to use this location again as the backdrop for a shoot.  My husband and I booked a lux suite at

We're completely blown away with our team's work on the "Monsters" music video by Simone Lipkin - directed by Mike Canzoniero. For more examples of his directorial style check out our video we produced last year with singer/songwriter Christiaan Smith. Now one of our feature product offerings, music videos will soon become a staple in an artist's web showcase. Those of you interested in video content, be sure to reach out to us for a quote. We love working with talented artists. On to the next frontier

We had the pleasure of celebrating our friend, Dwayne Hill, and his success in his new Netflix show - Northern Rescue. The series follows John West (Billy Baldwin), who uproots his three children from the big city of Boston to return to the Northern community of Turtle Island Bay to take command of the local Search & Rescue service after the death of his wife. Northern Rescue centres on the resilience of family and community combined with action and adventure. Some pics here of this private