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October 11 2018

I’m sure by now you have caught wind of a little stunt pulled last weekend by one of the art world’s most beloved contemporary artists, Banksy. The elusive street-artist managed to build a shredder secretly inside a frame cradling one[…]

September 6 2018

He may be one of the best paparazzi in the world but he’s a total Mensch about it. Yesterday was Day 1 of Fall Fashion Week in NYC and the city streets become a living runway showcasing the most stunning women[…]

August 15 2018

My husband recently pointed me to this article explaining that orange is the least appealing color to women.  He did this with a wink intending to poke fun at me about an argument we had over a year ago on our[…]

August 12 2018

I always relish the opportunity to simply be a guest at a wedding. Still, I never miss the chance to bring my 50mm 1.2 lens and capture some memories for myself. Telling stories through imagery is the way I connect[…]