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We spent our Memorial Day weekend a hundred miles north of New York City by retreating to the Catskills with our pups :) Sometimes it's really nice to unplug and get back to focusing on yourself and the people/pups that care for and need you the most. The Catskills have long been a haven for artists, musicians, and writers. Being up here allows me to focus on my work and brings me a sense of calm, nostalgic for my hometown of Olympia, Washington.ย We are definitely

Images from our Honeymoon - curation inspired by Michelangelo and Sorrento Blue. We of course had the time of our lives and learned a lot! ย I can speak Italian and didn't realize it because I haven't returned to Italy since becoming a professional Opera singer. I wouldn't even think and a response would just come from me naturally. Tom and I were like what is going on and then like