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BTS images of Spencer Tunick's #wethenipple protest with the National Coalition Against Censorship. I ran into Spencer at the Equal Rights party at the Edition Hotel produced by my best friend, Natalie White, the Jaggers, Jerry Hall and Amy Sacco. The celebrity laden event was a major scene because Paris Hilton was involved. While he and I were sandwiched between Jerry Hall and Georgia May Jagger, he disclosed his plan to stage a censorship protest against Facebook and Instagram. I asked him what is strategy was to circulate

We had the pleasure of celebrating our friend, Dwayne Hill, and his success in his new Netflix show - Northern Rescue. The series follows John West (Billy Baldwin), who uproots his three children from the big city of Boston to return to the Northern community of Turtle Island Bay to take command of the local Search & Rescue service after the death of his wife. Northern Rescue centres on the resilience of family and community combined with action and adventure. Some pics here of this private

 Question: can you be naked and also be a feminist? That was on everyone's minds at the Playboy Club yesterday as we were discussing the new face of the brand. Artist Natalie White has turned her erotic art into a symbol of feminism having become a prominent face in the Equal Rights Movement. As Playboy is in the process of focusing more on female forward issues, I ask - was Hugh Hefner actually liberating women from the societal restrictions/expectations? What do you think?   4X @Playboy Playmate & artist @nataliejowhite

Based on this teaser I'd say a masterful video is eminent from this Florida based video team. I was fortunate to meet Chad and his team while shooting a wedding years ago and have collaborated with him a few times as a photographer for his company. He made the switch to video some years back and his team is becoming widely recognized as one of the best wedding cinematic groups in the country. Wedding videos aren't as common in New York as they are in more